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Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.

(aka) Association of Birth Defect Children, Inc.

976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Suite 104
Orlando,  FL 32814
Phone: 407-895-0802

Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering. Missing limbs, damaged hearts, facial deformities, spina bifida, autism. We're a lifeline for families struggling with birth defects.

Web Site:

Real Life Story

My second daughter was born with multiple birth defects. I was devastated and so scared of what the future might hold for her. Although you know that anyone can have a child with a birth defect, you just never think it will happen to you. But it is much more common than you think. A woman who gets pregnant today has a 50% chance of losing her baby, having a baby with a birth defect or chronic illness! Every mother who has a child with a birth defect asks "why"? My doctors told me that it was nothing I did, that there was no known cause. What bothered me most was that no one recorded my information for further study. I just assumed that there was a national program that monitored birth defects. What if the cause was environmental and preventable? Then I found Birth Defect Research for Children founded by the mother a son with birth defects. Because she was also concerned about a record of the birth defect being documented, she and a group of scientists created the National Birth Defect Registry which collects data on birth defects, genetic and exposure histories. Since the Registry was created, it has documented a pattern of birth defects in the children of Vietnam veterans; found an increase in a craniofacial defect in the children of Gulf War Veterans (later confirmed by a Department of Defense study); helped a Tennessee community document a cluster of cleft palate cases and identified the probable cause (TCE in their water supply); confirmed an increase in birth defects in Joplin, MO and joined other groups in asking the governor to fund a study. BDRC also provides parents with birth defect information, support and resource referrals and parent networking.

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