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Children's Organ Transplant Association

(aka) COTA Children's Organ Transplant Association

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2501 West COTA Drive
Bloomington,  IN 47403
Phone: 800-366-2682

COTA helps children who need a life-saving organ, bone marrow, cord blood or stem cell transplant and helps their families avoid financial ruin. Our financial assistance and family support help ensure these children receive a second chance at life.

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Real Life Story

My name is Kyle. I'm 17-years-old and from Wichita, Kansas. About a year ago, my family started working with the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA).

I have a skin disease called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB). The disease is extremely rare and very painful. My skin is fragile and constantly tears. When it tears, a blister forms and turns into a painful sore. Because of RDEB, my body can't absorb food well, which is why I weigh 52 pounds and stand barely four feet tall.

Most kids at my high school dream about college ? I dream about bone marrow transplants. Recently, I read about a doctor who treated two boys with RDEB with a bone marrow transplant. I did an internet search; found his email, and sent a message asking if I could be his patient. A few weeks later we met, and he agreed to treat me.

The problem? A bone marrow transplant costs at least $500,000 and my insurers denied coverage. That's when my Mom called COTA. COTA has been awesome. COTA funds will help pay for my bone marrow transplant.

My mom liked COTA because donations are tax deductible. Plus, COTA doesn't charge for services and every dollar given in honor of a child is used to pay transplant-related expenses.

COTA helps by 'Giving Hope and Making Miracles'. Getting a bone marrow transplant would be my miracle. And your gift is the first step.

Please help make a miracle by making a gift to COTA.

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