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National Fragile X Foundation

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McLean,  VA 22102
Phone: 800-688-8765

The most common cause of inherited intellectual disability disorders and autism. Help us continue to fund aggressive research for treatments, family support and a cure!

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Real Life Story

    When our son was five months old, my husband and I knew he wasn't developing normally. Watching him beside a cousin of about the same age, the harsh reality began to sink in.
    Thus began a five-year odyssey for a diagnosis, but not before we had traveled thousands of miles searching for treatments and a cure.
    I remember that October day clearly. The genetics counselor didn't want to give me the news over the phone, but I insisted. I felt as though I had been hit by a ton of bricks.
    Fortunately, the National Fragile X Foundation held an International Conference that summer. Our attending was the major turning point in our ability to understand and help our son. The opportunity to talk one on one with the very researchers working on the disorder was enormously helpful. With each conference, we come home with information that has benefited us, our son's teachers, therapists, doctors, and most of all, our wonderful son.     All of this is possible because of the work of the National Fragile X Foundation. It brings together the knowledge and experience of parents, educators, therapists, geneticists and doctors as we search for the cure!

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